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Get Paid today For your unwanted sneakers

in 3 easy steps


What Is Cash4Kix?

Cash4Kix is a sister company to KixRx that operates as a platform for individuals and stores to get cashed out for ANY amount of footwear in ANY condition that they would like to sell to us.  


What Types Shoes Will You Accept?

We will accept ANY brand of footwear in ANY condition and in ANY size. WE will not cherry-pick your top shoes. We will provide you an offer for EVERY shoe that you provide and you can decide which ones you want to sell to us.


How Does The Whole Process Work?
It’s quick and painless in 3 easy steps.

  1. Contact us via our form, email, phone, or live chat and give us all the sneaker info/photos. You will receive a quote for each pair of shoes within a few hours.
  2. Accept our quote for as many of the shoes as you’d like to sell us and then just send them to us FREE via FedEX shipping labels that we will provide to you.
  3. Once we receive the shoes, we will just check them over for authenticity and accuracy of description. This can take a day or so depending on the size of the order. Once we approve it, we will either send you a check or pay you via PayPal that same day.


Can I Trust Cash4Kix?

Absolutely! We’ve been buying and selling sneakers through our company and KixRx since 2012. You can check us out on ebay at KixRx, we’re on NikeTalk legit-checking daily, and on Kixify. From all this you can see the amount of business we do as well as how well we do it. Our feedback on all the sites, speaks for itself and we’re always here to answer any of your questions.


How Do You Come Up With The Pricing?

We typically pay between 50-60% of the market price of a shoe. We determine the market price by checking on comparable sites for what it has sold for as well as personal experience and the condition that they are in. So for example if the market price of shoe is going for $200, expect to be offered between $100-120 for that pair. We will always be happy to provide an explanation for why a price was given.


How Will I Get Paid?

You can choose to be paid via check or by PayPal.


Who Pays For Shipping?

We do! We provide you shipping labels to ship to us via FedEX. You can call to have your packages picked up at 1-800-GO-FEDEX (1-800-463-3339) or drop off at any FedEX locations near you.


Will I Be Charged Fees By PayPal?

No, we send the money to you as opposed to paying you for something. By doing this, WE incur the fees and you receive the full amount.


Would You Be Willing To Pay Me First BEFORE I Ship?

We would. All you have to do is send us a PayPal Invoice (We will walk you through it) which we will pay. However, if done this way you will be charged a PayPal fee which can range from 2-5%. This is the obvious benefit of shipping first but we understand some people are hesitant which is why we provide this as an alternative.


Won’t I Get More Money If I Sell Them On My Own?

Absolutely! In fact, if you have the time and patience for it, I would highly recommend that you do it. We operate merely as an OPTION for all footwear owners however large or small to get money TODAY for their items. When selling on your own you will have to deal with a lot of things; photoing, listing, customer service, fraudulent/flaky buyers, shipping, returnes, etc. Our service is a way to bypass all these potential headaches and pass it on to us.