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Our History

What's going on people? My name is Daniel Schwartz and I started KixRx in 2012 out of my parent's basement as a way to make a little extra cash from the sneaker reselling craze that had begun to get out of control. 

We began solely in high-end footwear, buying and selling new and pre-owned sneakers.  As the years went on, we branched out and now carry ALL varieties of athletic footwear at all price ranges. 

We not only specialize in cashing out individuals on their sneaker collections but also on stores looking to liquidate old stock.  We've gradually grown from a tiny eBay only operation run from my home to selling across 30+ websites out of a 10,000+ SQ/FT facility. 

Our story is still being written today thanks to all the great customers like yourselves.  We will continue providing great sneakers at great prices with great service and support for as long as all you will have us! :-)